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Event Series Intelligence

Presentations, Articles and Books

Presentation Materials

The Esper and NEsper team as well as a number of others contributors have presented Complex Event Processing with Esper and NEsper at conferences. Select presentations are listed here.

Event Stream Processing Using Clojure and Esper
Complex Event Processing Made Easy
Mule ESB Esper Connector
Stream Processing by DDS and CEP by Angelo Corsaro from OpenSplice
Esperwhispering: Using Esper to find problems in real-time data (also RabbitMQ) by OmniTI
HOLMES: An event-driven solution to monitor data centers through continuous queries and machine learning, by Pedro Teixeira et al, DEBS 2010
Complex Event Processing: Queries on Speed Ignite presentation, Denver Open Source User Group and Complex Event Processing with Esper by Nathan Reese
Creating an Event-Driven SOA - Java Symposium, by Eben Hewitt
Open Source in Finance eXchange: David Vincent on Climbing mount complexity, one event at a time
About Intelligent Monitoring (PDF) (click here for Portuguese)
Complex Event Processing with Esper and WSO2 ESB and Fast SOA With Apache Synapse
The Server-Side Java Symposium 2008 - Event Processing in Java - A Financial Services Case Study (PDF) source (ZIP)
CEP and RIAs: Bringing Together the Bold and the Beautiful by Shashank Tiwari from Saven Technologies presented at AJAXWorld
What's Going On? : Complex Event Processing with Esper by Brian Sletten from Zepheira, for NoFluffJustStuff
Complex Event Processing with Esper (German language), W-JAX 2007 und SOACON, by Christian Dedek and Papick Taboada and in English for the JAX India 2008
JavaOne 2007 on Event-Driven Application Servers (PDF)
New York City Java Special Interest Group on CEP and ESP with Esper (PDF)

Technical Articles

The Esper and NEsper team has published a number of technical articles and tutorials in online medias.

Article Published by
Getting started with Esper in 5 minutes. CoffeeOneSugar's Blog
Complex Event Processing with Esper OCIWeb
Complex Event Processing made simple using Esper The Server Side
Esper: Event Stream Processing and Correlation

Note: the source code for this article is part of the Terminal example in the Esper distribution.

O'Reilly OnJava

There are researchers and other groups exploring advanced Complex Event Processing with Esper.

Publication Organization
Data Stream Anomaly Detection through Principal Subspace Tracking Dissertation by Pedro Teixeira, PUC Rio de Janeiro
DEBS conference 2009 Event Processing Languages Tutorial DEBS conference
Data Fusion with Esper for aircraft flight path identification (Run live demo) Data Fusion Research Center AG
Event Driven Architecture for Indian Power Systems Dual Degree Project Report By Abhiroop Medhekar Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Complex Event Processing Master Thesis By Paul Dekkers Radboud University Nijmegen, Cordys


There are books with dedicated chapter on Complex Event Processing with Esper.

Title Published by
Event Processing in Action by Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett Manning
Open Source SOA by Jeff Davis Manning
OSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management by Diego Adrian Naya Lazo Packt Publishing