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Event Series Intelligence

Esper for Java

Esper is open-source software available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please contact us for any inquiry.

Getting Started

  • The tutorial is an introduction to continuous query statements and patterns for event stream processing.
  • The short case study presents a solution to reporting rates and anomalies on a market data feed.
  • The longer case study introduces the API and queries for solving a missing transaction problem.
  • The PDF and JavaDoc documentation is available online. The reference manual also describes examples.
  • Download Esper and browse the example code.

For support

Please see the Getting Help section for instructions on how to get answers to questions, bug fixes or other support.

Evaluating Esper

The Esper team is very happy to answer any questions or assist in evaluations. We recommend performing hand-on evaluation of the engine to learn if the engine meets project requirements, exhibits the performance required and is easy to use.