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Esper Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-ready Complex Event Processing platform.

Esper Enterprise Edition is a closed-source commercial product by EsperTech. The source code is made available to support customers only.

Esper Enterprise Edition is a distributable platform for linear and elastic horizontal scalability and fault tolerant event processing.

Getting Started

Please download for access to the documentation.


Enterprise Edition offers a masterless horizontal scale-out platform that supports linear and elastic scaling and dynamic discovery from seed nodes, based on Apache Zookeeper and Kafka.


Enterprise Edition also offers a hot-standby cluster or standalone server architecture that is simple to set up.

Fail-over, availability, reliability, disaster recovery

Esper Enterprise Edition combined with EsperHA provides fault-tolerant Complex Event Processing.


EsperHQ is a rich web-based GUI that provides an operational console for streamlined management and real-time views on your event driven applications.


Get an immediate understanding on Esper based applications for any third party tools with EPL debugger, EPL memory use and metrics reporting, EsperJMX and EsperJDBC.


With EsperJMX and EsperJDBC, Esper is turned into the most standard-compliant CEP platform for use with third party tools and automation scripts: Business Intelligence, Dashboard and reporting solutions, Runtime management tools.


EsperHQ and EsperJMX can securely and remotely access CEP engines, over secured connections with user credentials.


Esper Enterprise Edition is available, certified and supported on any Linux flavor and Windows. The SQL-standard-compliant EPL event processing language allows limited portability to other CEP engines.