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Event Series Intelligence

Where Complex Event Processing meets Open Source: Esper & NEsper
High-availability and Enterprise Readiness: EsperHA, Enterprise Edition and support services.
Embed mainstream CEP in your products and deployments: Learn about our licensing options.
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Complex Event Processing

Event Processing Language (EPL)
Open Source
Java and .Net
High Throughput, Low Latency
Highly Available (EsperHA)
Linear Horizontal Scalability (Enterprise Edition)
Elastic Scaling (Enterprise Edition)
Rich Multi-Window GUI (Enterprise Edition)
Real-time Displays (Enterprise Edition)
Enterprise *ilities (Enterprise Edition)
Supported (Enterprise Edition)
Lightweight & Embeddable

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Complex Event Processing (CEP) and event series analysis are used for detecting situations among events. EsperTech provides the Event Processing Language (EPL) designed for concisely expressing situations and fast execution against both historical and currently-arriving events.

EsperTech: Event Series Intelligence

EsperTech brings Event Series Analysis and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to mainstream with an Open Source approach, ensuring rapid innovation with quality productization, support and services for mission critical environments, from SOA to eXtreme Transaction Processing deployments.

CEP and event series analysis address a wide range of use cases for Algorithmic Trading, Compliance, Network Management systems, RFID, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Service Level Agreements. It is a foundation of Event-Driven Architectures (EDA) and a natural extension to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Now Available

Esper Enterprise Edition
Enterprise-ready Event Processing and CEP platform
Esper Enterprise Edition is generally available under commercial terms and freely available for trials. Source code is available on request.

Esper Enterprise Edition is a distributable platform for linear and elastic horizontal scalability and fault tolerant event processing.

Esper Enterprise Edition provides enterprise-abilities such as rich multi-window GUI, Eventlet continuously-updating displays, runtime management and monitoring, and interoperability by adding support for JDBC and JMX standards.
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High-Availability for Event Processing
EsperHA is generally available under commercial terms and freely available for limited time trials. Source code is available on request.

EsperHA provides state resilience, extreme write performance, fast recovery, drop-in configuration and statement level SLA.
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